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Lip6 Lip Sculpting™

One of our most frequently requested procedures is the lip augmentation.  We prefer to use the term “lip sculpting” since beautifying a patient’s lips isn’t simply about augmenting them or just making them bigger.  Attractive lips aren’t merely big.  They are symmetrical, proportionate (to each other as well as to the patient’s overall facial structure), shapely, clearly defined and full to the point of retaining a natural look.

As a practitioner, lip enhancement can be challenging because patients often have difficulty expressing their desired outcome in specific terms.  With limited lip vocabulary available, patients will simply say they want lips like their favorite celebrity!   In addition, patients frequently don’t understand that what they are requesting may not look attractive on them.  Many of those insisting on “bigger” often end up with an unappealing and unusual duck-lipped appearance.  (Hey, they got what they asked for, right??)

To overcome these communication obstacles, Dr. Bath has developed his own original approach to lip sculpting called Lip6™.  Not only does this technique assist with planning his very precise injections, but equally important, it allows for better collaboration with patients to clarify expectations and set realistic goals for treatment.  As a result, Dr. Bath’s Lip6™ patients tend to be highly satisfied since everyone is clear on the objectives before the first drop of filler is administered.

Dr. Bath's Lip6 technique has garnered national attention, and he has lectured nationally on a number of occasions. He has instructed numerous doctors across the country on his approach which continues to draw interest wherever it's presented.

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