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Here's what patients are saying about their experiences at Bella Cosmedica. Click here to read a letter from a skin rejuvenation patient, and here to read about a patient's Pelleve experience.

I was so frustrated with everyone always telling me I looked so tired- now everyone, including the lady at the grocery store, wants to know what I am doing because I look so great!
S.L., Skin Rejuvenation Patient

My eyelashes have always been very sparse, so Dr. Bath recommended one of the new eyelash enhancement products. Now that I'm using Latisse they're unbelievably long. My hairstylist asked if I had applied extensions! She was amazed when I told her they're my real lashes. It's so much fun to apply mascara now! Thank you, Dr. Bath and Bella Cosmedica!
Kristy G., Pickerington, OH

I have seen people with (dermal) fillers in the past, and my results are more natural looking. I've been told I look younger, but people say they are not sure why. The treatment was very comfortable. The nerve blocks made the injections nearly pain-free. Everyone made me feel comfortable and welcome. Dr. Bath really took his time and gave me a great result! I would definitely recommend Perlane to my friends.
Judy B., Gahanna, OH

I'm thrilled with my results from my bikini-line laser treatments. No more bumps from shaving yeah!
Y.H. Pickerington, OH

...after my second (Pelleve) treatment, I started to notice that the skin on my face was feeling thicker and makeup seemed to glide on easier...My skin is smoother, more resilient and after years of smoking, I have noticed that the "smoker" lines around my mouth have virtually disappeared.
P.G., Pelleve Skin Tightening Patient

I have more of a result than I expected. Both the Restylane and Botox worked great for me. I now have very minimal wrinkles on my face, and friends have told me I've removed years from my face! The staff was friendly. Dr. Bath was profesional and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Overall, I had a pleasant experience.
Lori M., Chillicothe, OH

I feel wonderful! I think I've lost 5 to 6 lbs. in the first week simply by following the nutrition plan, taking the supplements and drinking lots of water. Bonus, my skin looks better, no more headaches and I feel soooo good!
N.M. Physician-assisted Weight Loss Patient

Dr. Bath uses tiny needles so you almost couldn't feel the (Botox) injection itself....very comfortable.
Mary A., Pataskala, OH

Dr. Bath and Dr. Brown made me very comfortable. For me, I'm a jittery guy when it comes to any type of procedure, so being at ease during my laser hair removal meant the world. Nothing has made my wife happier than to have all that hair on my back gone. When she's happy, I'm happy.
Aaron D., Reynoldsburg, OH

Thank you so very much for everything you guys did for me today! You were fantastic throughout the whole process...You were all so friendly, helpful and extremely comforting to me.
T.D., Skin Rejuvenation Patient

I love my thighs! I was very faithful about diet and exercise and nothing ever got rid of my thighs (until Smartlipo).
L.P., Smartlipo Patient

His back is so smooth now that the hair is completely gone! This is wonderful. Thanks Bella Cosmedica.
Shanda D. (patient's wife), Reynoldsburg, OH

I would recommend Botox for anyone desiring a rested, youthful look. The lines between my eyes and my "crow's feet" are barely noticeable!!
John K., Dublin, OH

I personally was very leery about Botox. I gave in and treated myself. My wrinkles were really bothering me. I am so glad I did. The results are GREAT!! My mother wanted to know what new cream I was using. I would recommend this service to anyone--it just makes you feel better about yourself. You feel younger. It is really hard to put into words. You just need to try it!
Melissa H., Grove City, OH

I am very pleased with the resurfacing technique that was performed by Dr. M. Bath. I found that my complexion and overall skin tone was superior to the surgery procedure in the ad. Also, I would recommend a wonderful Pelleve treatment every six months to enhance the facial tone and complexion.
R. H., Facial Rejuvenation

I am new in the area and very pleased with the time and patience I received at Bella Cosmedica. The doctor never made me feel rushed, and took his time like a true artist. I highly recommend Bella Cosmedica!
J.G., Soft Tissue Filler Patient