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Facial Infusion is a medical grade, professional, nonacid peel that is in a league of its own!  Developed to accelerate the cellular repair process and great for people who are prone to redness, have breakouts, hyperpigmentation, or laxed skin.  Facial Infusion is suitable for both men and women, and is appropriate for all skin types and concerns. 

Facial Infusion is a complete rejuvenation, skin remodeling treatment designed to increase circulation, boosts immunity and hydration without the inflammation associated with an alpha hydroxy acid peel.

Facial Infusion is unique and extremely gentle, it creates change through stimulation, activates the genes in your skin turning on fibroblast stimulators, heals acne, repairs photo damage, thickens the dermis, lifts hyperpigmentation, restores capillary flow and reverses the sign of aging.

Facial Infusion has a mild exfoliation, some see slight sloughing of the skin that typically happens a few days after the treatment and is the skin’s response to speeding up the exfoliation of the epidermis.  After the treatment, the effects and changes last for up to six weeks and should be done monthly.

Facial Osmosis treatment
Facial Osmosis before and after