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Here’s what patients are saying about their experiences at Bella Cosmedica.

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I am not a big makeup person but Sami did an amazing job on making my face feel shiny and new! She explained the treatment and how to care for aftercare and even suggested products for sensitive skin! Will definitely be coming back for more!

Colleen Aitken

Summer of 2012 I turned 41yrs old. The face I was seeing in the mirror was starting to fade and sag. Visiting a local plastic surgeon, it was recommended that I have an eyebrow lift and eye surgery to flatten out the skin underneath my eyes. This first step would be approximately $10,000.00 and I would need pre-surgical blood work done before hand. The surgery would require two weeks down time and only treated my face from the eyes up. I went home deflated! I had decided that I would have to grow old gracefully. Then I remembered Bella Cosmedica. Living in Pickerington, I drove by their office every day. After my first consultation with Dr. Bath, he created a complete eye and face makeover specifically for me. They scheduled my treatments around my schedule and gave me a convenient and affordable payment plan. The girls at Bella made me feel comfortable while in the office and called to check on me while I was recovering at home. Not only is the skin around my eyes softer and the fine lines gone, but my whole face is smoother and I have a GLOW again. Thank you Dr. Bath and Bella Cosmedica for giving me my confidence back! I am not going to grow old gracefully. With Dr. Baths’ help, I am going to fight it every step of the way!

Lovette Aquino

Dr. Bath is a well trained expert on the treatments he provides, and his attention to detail is what sets him apart from other professionals.

Matthew D. Brulport

Excellent results and the staff is welcoming and friendly. I only wish I lived closer so I could go more frequently!

Hannah Gawlak

I love appointments with Dr. Bath and his amazing staff !

Patty Garrison

I highly recommend Bella Cosmedica. Services are highest quality and every person on staff is friendly and professional. I have had Botox® and fillers in the past and was very pleased. And results lasted much longer than expected. And now I can’t wait to experience a little more pampering and beauty!

Beth F

I am new in the area and very pleased with the time and patience I received at Bella Cosmedica. The doctor never made me feel rushed, and took his time like a true artist. I highly recommend Bella Cosmedica!

J.G., Soft Tissue Filler Patient

I am very pleased with the resurfacing technique that was performed by Dr. M. Bath. I found that my complexion and overall skin tone was superior to the surgery procedure in the ad. Also, I would recommend a wonderful Pelleve treatment every six months to enhance the facial tone and complexion.

R. H., Facial Rejuvenation

I personally was very leery about Botox®. I gave in and treated myself. My wrinkles were really bothering me. I am so glad I did. The results are GREAT!! My mother wanted to know what new cream I was using. I would recommend this service to anyone–it just makes you feel better about yourself. You feel younger. It is really hard to put into words. You just need to try it!

Melissa H., Grove City, OH

I would recommend Botox® for anyone desiring a rested, youthful look. The lines between my eyes and my “crow’s feet” are barely noticeable!!

John K., Dublin, OH

His back is so smooth now that the hair is completely gone! This is wonderful. Thanks Bella Cosmedica.

Shanda D. (patient\’s wife), Reynoldsburg, OH

Thank you so very much for everything you guys did for me today! You were fantastic throughout the whole process…You were all so friendly, helpful and extremely comforting to me.

T.D., Skin Rejuvenation Patient

Dr. Bath uses tiny needles so you almost couldn’t feel the (Botox®) injection itself….very comfortable.

Mary A., Pataskala, OH

I have more of a result than I expected. Both the Restylane and Botox® worked great for me. I now have very minimal wrinkles on my face, and friends have told me I’ve removed years from my face! The staff was friendly. Dr. Bath was professional and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Overall, I had a pleasant experience.

Lori M., Chillicothe, OH

…after my second (Pelleve) treatment, I started to notice that the skin on my face was feeling thicker and makeup seemed to glide on easier…My skin is smoother, more resilient and after years of smoking, I have noticed that the “smoker” lines around my mouth have virtually disappeared.

P.G., Pelleve Skin Tightening Patient

I have seen people with (dermal) fillers in the past, and my results are more natural looking. I’ve been told I look younger, but people say they are not sure why. The treatment was very comfortable. The nerve blocks made the injections nearly pain-free. Everyone made me feel comfortable and welcome. Dr. Bath really took his time and gave me a great result! I would definitely recommend Perlane to my friends.

Judy B., Gahanna, OH

My eyelashes have always been very sparse, so Dr. Bath recommended one of the new eyelash enhancement products. Now that I’m using Latisse they’re unbelievably long. My hairstylist asked if I had applied extensions! She was amazed when I told her they’re my real lashes. It’s so much fun to apply mascara now! Thank you, Dr. Bath and Bella Cosmedica!

Kristy G., Pickerington, OH

I was so frustrated with everyone always telling me I looked so tired- now everyone, including the lady at the grocery store, wants to know what I am doing because I look so great!

S.L., Skin Rejuvenation Patient

I had the lash lift and tinting done and was blown away by the results. My lashes looked better after the lift than they did with mascara on. Erin, the esthetician, was amazing. She throughly explained each step and was very gentle. The procedure is completely painless with no downtime afterwards. I would highly recommend Bella Cosmedica and Erin!

Baileigh M

Love the people that work there and the results.

Eden S

Dr. Bath and his team are kind, supportive, and professional!

Lynn M

Pleasant office and great staff!

Margaret H

Love having a Doctor and staff that cares and not just an “injector”. The staff here is wonderful, the Doctor is just as wonderful, they all care about your results and your comfort. They offer a multitude of services which to date I have tried several and would recommend all of them. The only thing that is a little different than other offices is their limited hours, however, seeing a true Doctor is worth the wait as I know he is trained and licensed to perform services over and beyond what an “injector” with just a few weeks of training lacks. Dr. Bath always calls to follow up regardless of what day of the week it is and they are very thorough with their care.

Eden S

Prompt, professional and great results. Dr. Bath and the team at Bella does such a nice job!

Sheila R

I have been going to Bella Cosmetica for a number of years. I just turned 60 and no one can believe my age. Thanks to Dr. Bath and his staff.

Helen A

I absolutely love the experience I get at Bella Cosmedica! Dr Bath and his team are all so friendly and extremely patient and kind regarding any anxiety I’ve had before a procedure and I’ve had nothing but BEAUTIFUL results. I have full confidence in his expertise and the professional, welcoming ladies that work alongside him. I have tried other places and Bella Cosmedica can’t be matched.

Jenny G

Hands down, Dr. Bath is the best. I was very fortunate to find him. Several of my friends are sales reps in the medical industry and they highly recommended Dr. Bath. He is extremely knowledgeable and can look at your face and tell you his honest opinion on how you will look your best. I always end up looking better after I leave his office and I always look very natural. Some other places that I have gone in Cleveland, (I am from Cleveland and drive 2 hours to see Dr. Bath) they try to always “up sale” you as I leave. Someone grabs me to try to get me to buy expensive serums, and another grabs you to have you buy over priced cosmetics. Very tacky and pushy. You feel like you are just a number. Also, the physician I use to go to use to ask me, “Where would you like me to inject today”. I did NOT like that. What do I know? I am not a physician. I am paying to get their professional opinion! With Dr. Bath, he gives you his undivided attention and time, his professional opinion and he does not push you into purchasing skin care products. He is up to date on the latest and greatest technologies. He attends and lectures at several medical conferences and is well known and respected. He also offers the higher end technologies because he wants the best results for his patients. He even called me on my cell phone an hour after I had a RF procedure on my face to see how I am doing. I was impressed. Who does that? He has also been doing PRP for over a decade where others are just getting into it now. He is very kind, has a great personality and I TRUST him to treat my face. He is the only one that I will allow to do Botox® and fillers on me and I will continue to drive 2 hours to get the best treatment. After all, we only have 1 face and you need to choose your doctor wisely.

Cathleen Z

Love the staff and location and they were very helpful with all my questions.

Rheannon M

Very efficient and they are all so kind. Appreciated their professionalism!!

Mary C

I give you guys 5 stars. Thank you so much.

Heather L

Dr Bath is extremely knowledgeable and professional, his advisement is very straightforward and more importantly is very honest with you about what to expect from results as well as post operatively. His staff is incredible, all very sweet, knowledgeable and helpful.

Olivia B

Everyone was very kind and professional. Erin explained everything well and was real sweet.

Mary C

As always a pleasant, professional visit. Everyone is attentive to my needs and wants at all times. Dr. Bath shows great attention to detail and of my goals. That alone is greatly appreciated.

Julie E

Wonderful people! The Dr. is excellent and very thorough.

Eden S

Walking into Bella Cosmedic is always a good experience walking out feeling beautiful is even better.

Bobbi T

Dr. Bath and Staff, what a great office it was very warming and I felt very welcomed. They explained everything to me . Would definitely recommend Dr. Bath and I will be back again.

Sheli B

Amazing staff – very friendly

Candy E

Dr. Bath is the consummate professional. His knowledge and background in the field of cosmetic enhancement’s makes him and his establishment the premiere site for any and all procedures related to improving and enhancing one’s appearance. My wife and I were extremely impressed. Great customer service!!

Joe K

Very pleasant staff, relaxing and calm atmosphere, clean and neat rooms , all greet you and the feeling remains through your visit. Dr. Bath has the training and experience I searched for in my new facial cosmetic Dr. . I’m am thankful for the webpage they created and the kindness of Kristi handling my initial call.

Jacqueline Z

always great service. Kristy has always been very customer service focused and friendly.

Karla J

I’m not sure what you want me to put here. Am I supposed to give a number of stars?

Erin W

I love my appointments with Dr.Bath.

Patricia G

Dr Bath and his staff are great to work with! He does not excellent with all cosmetic services that are provided! Very professional and high quality!

Shelley C

Always look forward to my visit. Dr. Bath’s aesthetic abilities are phenomenal. I know I’m in great hands.

Julie E

Dr. Bath and staff work with clients professionally, with great courtesy and sincerity. I never feel rushed and have always been thrilled with results.

Bobbi T

Dr Bath and staff are five star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nanci A

Best experience I’ve had…love the results!

Karla B