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The AWFUL, Little-Known Side Effect of Waxing Your Face

Few things are worse than unsightly facial hair.  According to the Cleveland Clinic’s website, 5% to 10% of women of child-bearing age are affected.  While most commonly seen on the chin or upper lip, other areas of the body (chest, back, lower abdomen, upper legs and/or arms) may also be affected.  Whenever a female’s body […]

Just Turned 30?? Time for Botox!

There’s a trend sweeping the Millennial generation.  It’s called “pre-juvenation”.  Essentially, increasingly younger patients (in droves!) are opting to pursue cosmetic treatments once reserved for the more, well, mature crowd.  Given the Instagram mentality of this younger demographic, this really shouldn’t be surprising. Younger women are no strangers to some of the more benign “spa” […]

Botox vs. Filler — Understanding the Difference

“Sandra’s Face Frozen by Filler!” “Yolanda Removes Filler & Botox!” The tabloid headlines are attention-grabbing for sure.  But many of them have us scratching our heads and, well, giggling at their absurdity. No doubt there’s a lot of confusion between Botox and filler, especially among the uninitiated.  We see it all the time here at […]

Glow Like July in January!

Plummeting temperatures coupled with hot air blasting from that space heater beneath your desk can leave skin looking and feeling parched. Downing our daily 48 oz. of water becomes more daunting when we’re shivering, while dehydrating alcohol intake tends to increase this time of year. It’s a holiday recipe for disaster and not surprising when […]