Glow Like July in January!

Plummeting temperatures coupled with hot air blasting from that space heater beneath your desk can leave skin looking and feeling parched. Downing our daily 48 oz. of water becomes more daunting when we’re shivering, while dehydrating alcohol intake tends to increase this time of year. It’s a holiday recipe for disaster and not surprising when our suffering skin ultimately rebels by taking on a dull, lackluster appearance.

Enter your new best friend, the esthetician! We recently chatted with Bella Cosmedica’s licensed esthetician Sammie about the top 3 treatments she recommends for restoring a summertime glow to winter skin.

Dermaplaning – A client favorite, this manual exfoliation technique removes surface debris (including those annoying little facial fuzzies!) resulting in a more radiant appearance. Quick and painless, this treatment clears the way for better absorption of those pricey topical products and serves as a great prep for chemical peels. Skin may appear a bit pink for an hour or so afterward.

Chemical peel – When skin needs serious attention, a chemical peel may be your best option. Peels vary in strength with most requiring no significant recovery period. Clients love these because they address multiple concerns by improving skin’s color, clarity, tone and texture. Those prone to acne will likely enjoy fewer breakouts. And, because peels stimulate collagen production while encouraging growth of healthy new skin cells, the benefit of a more radiant complexion lingers. Skin becomes plump and hydrated as several layers of skin build-up and congestion are removed. Clients may experience a tingling sensation during treatment and a slight pinkness following afterward.

Microdermabrasion – Think of this as your at-home ritual on steroids! Dull, dead surface cells are gently scraped and vacuumed away to reveal fresh skin beneath. This easy and painless treatment stimulates collagen and provides an immediate improvement to skin’s appearance. Microderms minimize the appearance of large pores and helps clear those which may be clogged. Pair this with a hydrating mask and you’re glowing! A little pinkness afterward is rather cute.

Added bonus: all these treatments are budget-friendly! Enjoy a dermaplaning for just $65. Schedule an appointment today so Sammie can evaluate your skin and make a customized recommendation. She’ll have you looking your Instagram best in less than an hour!

Ciao for now!